Who would choose to work four days a week to produce only one day's worth of results?

Every business owner has their ideal type of client to work with yet, Pareto's law suggests that 80% of your time will be consumed by just 20% of your customers, and this is directly affecting your profit potential.

Perhaps you've already perfected a process for identifying your ideal client (and if so, we'd love to hear it). Even better news now that we're nicely settled into our new home, we've expanded our seminar space - so if you know owner-managers similar to yourself who would be interested in the process, we'd love you to invite them too!

Tuesday Club returns on 5th April 2016

The format remains the same. A 45 minute presentation, on how you can maximise benefit to your business from the clients you already have and that you can action straight away. This will be followed by some food and drink and a chance to network with clients similar to yourself.