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Why risk the health of your business by measuring the wrong things?

Let's say your business is losing money, hand over fist, month after month. You'd be stressed. Making a loss prompts a strong emotional reaction. And a strong enough emotional reaction prompts a corrective action, as it should. 

So a key measure in your business - a loss - gets your to do something to improve your business results, reducing costs or increasing sales. 

Shouldn't you be taking timely action to prevent losses in the first place? 

Using customer-focused, heartfelt, healthy business measures and you'll soon take action sooner. Take action sooner and you'll avoid problems leading to losses in your business. 

Like most (if not all) business owners and managers you'll be aware of KPIs - Key Performance Indicators. Yet, many business owners measure what they think is right; rather than measure what matters most.

Get SMARTer with your KPIs

Tuesday Club No. 3 will discuss which customer facing predictors matter most, combining these with key financials from your Foster Mann quarterly management accounts, to form a One Page Business Plan - specifically for your business.