We are Foster Mann; I guess you could say we’re new around here.

This is a day that not only changes the focus of Foster Mann, but of your own businesses. The problem with business seminars is that on one hand they’re incomprehensible – bunged full of jargon that only industry academics understand. On the other, they’re a repeat of information that we already know. We at Foster Mann want to do neither of these things. We want a seminar series that evolves and adapts to the issues facing small business owners right now, because you can bet a problem that you’re struggling with – is also being faced by your counterparts.

So how do we solve this?


Starting from the strong foundation of knowledge and experience our senior staff have picked up over the years, we will devise a structure and program that is based on issues important to you. Today, I am incredibly pleased to announce a series of seminar events, taking place on the first Tuesday of every month. This is the accounting of now and this is our “Tuesday Club”. 

The first event takes place on December 1st and will cover ‘four ways to grow your business’. After this, the schedule is an open book, tailored to the issues you tell us are important to you right now. The best part is, they won’t cost you a penny. 

 To book your place, simply drop Jamie a line. Please bear in mind spaces are limited.